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Who are we ?

HorecaMirra is an international company that delivers products for Horeca. Since 2002 we have been supplying these products. We have very large magazin where we stock our products in very hygienic environment. We like to help you to choose the product for you. What we have also done for our other guests.

HorecaMirra est fier de son expérience plus d'une décennies. Nous avons le know-how pour bien savoire ce que le client attends de notre produits.

Notre différance est dans:
* Bon prix.
* Service qualité
* Livré dans le délais


We are proud to sell our quality products
Brand Known

We only sell products with the well known brand and absolutely well test.


Many suppliers can not given warranty more than 2 years. We trust our products and give you a 3 year warranty.

ISO/DIS 34101-4:2017

All our products are well tested. We are proud to tell you that our products are certified by ISO standards

Delivery Quick

We deliver absolutely in the due date and in the date we agree.


You can fill in the form here, so that we can reach you.